New QGIS Workbook From GIS In Ecology

8 Jul

An Introduction To Using QGIS (Quantum GIS)Pictish Beast Publications has recently published the seventh workbook in GIS In Ecology’s ‘An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology’ series. This new workbook is sub-titled ‘An Introduction To Using QGIS (Quantum GIS)‘ and contains five exercises which introduce the reader to doing the types of basic GIS tasks that marine biologists need to do on a regular basis as part of their research.

For those of you who don’t already know about QGIS, it is the leading free, open source alternative to commercial GIS software, and it is becoming increasingly widely used by biologists and ecologists.

The tasks includes making a map for a report or publication, making a presence-absence data layer of species distribution from survey data, making a species richness raster data layer, calculating abundance per unit survey effort using a polygon grid, and creating environmental raster data layers and linking them to species locational data.

This workbook is perfect both for those who are familiar with using commercial GIS software and want to transfer their skills to a free, open source alternative, and for those who want to start using QGIS without any previous GIS experience.

In addition, this workbook is well suited for anyone running modules or courses for all types of biology students, and who want to include GIS exercises using real biological data in their teaching, but who cannot afford the required licences for commercial alternatives.

Previews of the contents of this book can be found on the book’s webpage on the GIS In Ecology website, while the book itself can be purchased from Amazon, ordered from your local book seller, or directly from GIS In Ecology.

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