GIS For Biologists: Tip #13 – How To Set Up A GPS Reciever To Record GIS-Compatible Biological Data

12 Jun

The availability of cheap, handheld GPS receivers has brought the ability to collect high quality spatial data within the reach of almost every biologist. However, if wish to record biological data that can be used in a GIS project, you need to ensure that your GPS receiver is set up correctly before you start collecting your data. Using a Garmin eTrex for illustration, this video shows how to set up a GPS receiver to collect GIS compatible biological data. This follows on from Tip #10 in this series, which shows how to transfer data between a GPS receiver and a GIS project.



If you have any questions or queries about this video, feel free to comment on this post and I’ll do my best to answer them.


Dr Colin D. MacLeod,
Founder, GIS In Ecology



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