Game of Life – Raster edition

11 Mar

The ‘Game of Life’ is an addictive little concept which can be used to explore the limits of what is alive and what isn’t through developing the connected concepts of cellular automatons and Artificial Life (AL). I’ve always been more of a fan of AL than AI (artificial intelligence), and thought that it had more to tell us about the world around us than AI ever could. It’s great to see that the ‘Game of Life’ (which, for those who might be interested, is loosely based on the ancient game of ‘Go’) can now be played in QGIS. I hope this inspires others to become interested in this somewhat neglected topic.

Free and Open Source GIS Ramblings

You probably remember my Game of Life posts from last year: Experiments with Conway’s Game of Life & More experiments with Game of Life where I developed a vector-based version of GoL.

Richard Wen and Claus Rinner at Ryerson University now published a raster-based version.

Here’s a screenshot of the script in action:

Screenshot 2015-03-08 20.04.07

The code is hosted on Github and I’m sure there will be many other ideas which can build on code snippets to read and write raster cell values.

For more info, please visit the GIS at Ryerson blog.

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